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Creating a durable and efficient car park is a vital component of modern urban development. With the right materials and innovative designs, a car park can be both functional and visually appealing.

This blog post will guide you through choosing the best car park decking materials, exploring innovative multi-storey car park designs, understanding waterproofing and coating solutions, and enhancing safety and cleanliness to achieve the perfect car park.

Choosing the Right Car Park Decking Material

Selecting the right car park decking material is crucial for the success of your project. The choice of material can greatly impact the overall durability and maintenance requirements of your car park. Some of the widely used materials include composite car park decks, steel frames, and metal floors.

Each material has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. For instance, steel frame and composite concrete flooring are known for their durability and low maintenance requirements, but they may be more expensive than other materials. On the other hand, PUMA, PU, and PU Concrete offer more affordability, but they are not as resilient and require more upkeep.

Therefore, it is essential to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each material before making a decision.

Composite Car Park Deck

Composite car park decks offer several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, durability, and a pleasing aesthetic appearance. Kingspan Multideck is a profiled, galvanised steel floor deck designed to provide high-performance.

It is widely used in composite floor systems. It offers two options for car park deck profiles: XP, a heavy-duty metallic coating that includes zinc, aluminium, and magnesium for C4 and C5 environments, and Powder Coating in any RAL colour.

The supplementary paint layer on Kingspan composite car park deck profiles provides protection to exposed steel floor deck from corrosion, thereby extending its life span.

It also improves the aesthetic appearance and may be used to provide visual guidance with different soffit colours for each car parking level.

Kingspan Multideck MD206C is a specialised steel floor deck specifically designed for multi-storey car park construction. It has a long spanning capacity making it ideal for the purpose. The advantages of this material include long span widths, durability, and strength.

Steel Frame

Steel frames are an excellent choice for car park construction, offering rapid construction, large free spans, and customisable layouts. Kingspan’s Multideck steel decking products are constructed with galvanised steel and provide several benefits for car park construction.

The coating used in Kingspan XP steel is ArcelorMittal Magnelis coating, which comprises 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium.

The warranty duration for Kingspan steel decking systems is contingent upon the car park environment and the product specification.

Raised Floor Solutions can provide a full supply and installation package based on the Kingspan system specified and the environmental location of the build.

This will ensure a system warranty and guarantee at the design and construction stages of the work.

RFS maintains Professional Indemnity Insurance of up to £5M. This includes protection for both workmanship and materials.

Metal Floor

Metal floor car park decking, made from materials such as steel or aluminium, is commonly used in car parks and other outdoor areas due to its strength and fire resistance.

The advantages of metal floor car park decking include high durability, uniform quality, excellent fire resistance, and design versatility.

However, the primary disadvantage is that it can be slippery when wet and noisy when traversed, and is more costly than other decking materials.

Kingspan Multideck MD60 and MD80 are popular metal floor decking types in the UK. They are the most commonly specified within the industry.

MD80 offers a deeper profile, allowing for spans of up to 5.4m unpropped. Steel decking products typically require more concrete than other materials. However, its special profile requires less to achieve the same slab thickness.

Innovative Multi-Storey Car Park Designs

Innovative multi-storey car park designs can make a significant difference in achieving a functional and aesthetically pleasing car park.

Raised decks, parking bays, and sister company collaborations are some of the design elements that can be incorporated to create an efficient car park.

Sustainable multi-storey car park designs, such as EcoDex, the UK’s first carbon zero car park constructed with sustainable timber glulam, and Leeds University’s multi-storey car park featuring Kirkstone perforated metal panels, prioritise environmental impact while retaining functionality.

By considering innovative designs and collaborating with sister companies, car park projects can benefit from cost savings, increased efficiency, and access to a broader range of expertise.

These design elements not only contribute to a more efficient car park, but also create a safer and more aesthetically pleasing environment for its users.

Raised Deck Car Parks

Raised deck car parks are constructed on an elevated platform, typically made of steel or concrete, and offer several advantages such as easy planning, assembly, and maintenance without the need for foundations. They provide flexible layouts and large free spans.

To enhance the longevity and resistance against corrosion of raised deck car parks, a high durability metallic coating can be applied, which also helps to reduce the amount of maintenance required.

However, raised deck car parks can be more costly to construct than other car park types and require more upkeep.

Parking Bays

Parking bays in multi-storey car parks offer several advantages, such as enhanced safety, smoother traffic flow, and increased capacity.

There are different types of parking bays, such as angled, parallel, and perpendicular bays, each with its own safety considerations.

Clear and visible signage, including directions, warnings, and other essential information, is crucial to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians in parking bays. Regular maintenance and updates should also be performed to ensure the signage remains up-to-date and effective.

Sister Company Collaborations

Sister company collaborations can offer a variety of advantages for multi-storey car parks, such as cost savings, increased efficiency, and access to a broader range of expertise.

By pooling resources, sister companies can help reduce costs and optimise efficiency, allowing businesses to specialise in different areas and expand their reach in the market.

Collaborating with sister companies can also provide access to market intelligence and resources that would not be accessible to individual businesses, which can be beneficial in terms of helping businesses make informed decisions and remain competitive in the market.

Waterproofing and Coating Solutions for Car Parks

Waterproofing and coating solutions are essential for protecting car parks from moisture, contaminants, and spalling concrete, which can compromise the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Various solutions, such as liquid applied waterproofing systems, high-performance deck coatings, and seamless, liquid applied surfacing and coating systems, can be used to protect top decks, intermediate decks, underground car parks, ramps, spiral ramps, and driveways.

By choosing the right waterproofing and coating solution for each area of the car park, you can ensure the longevity of the structure and maintain its appearance, while also minimising the risk of accidents and damage.

Top Decks

Top decks in car parks provide increased parking capacity, protection from the elements, improved safety, and enhanced aesthetics.

They can be waterproofed and feature durable wearing surfaces to protect the underlying structure of the car park.

Top decks are exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as temperature fluctuations of more than 30°C in a short amount of time, as well as direct sunlight, snow, and hail.

To combat these harsh conditions, the Triflex top deck system provides a UV-resistant, weather-resistant, and highly resistant to chemicals, such as de-icing salt, fuel, and oils.

This guarantees the longevity and safety of the top deck surface, ensuring a functional and visually pleasing car park.

Intermediate Decks and Underground Car Parks

Intermediate decks and underground car parks are constructed between two levels of a multi-storey car park and require wear-resistant and resistant to mechanical stress materials for waterproofing.

Triflex waterproofing systems provide a reliable non-slip coating, ensuring safety and durability in these areas.

The extra load distribution created by Triflex waterproofing systems is insignificant, making them a suitable choice for intermediate decks and underground car parks where traffic volume and weight loads are a concern.

Ramps, Spiral Ramps, and Driveways

Ramps, spiral ramps and driveways in multi-storey car parks are more prone to wear and tear due to the heavy loads exerted on them.

Such areas need to be monitored regularly for safety purposes. Surfaces in these areas must be able to withstand high mechanical loads to accommodate high traffic volume and ensure safety.

Triflex’s system solutions offer a durable and efficient solution for these areas, with a typical cure time of only a few hours. This ensures minimal disruption to the operation of the car park and provides a long-lasting, safe surface for drivers and pedestrians.

Enhancing Car Park Safety and Cleanliness

Enhancing car park safety and cleanliness is crucial for creating a welcoming and secure environment for drivers and pedestrians.

By implementing effective lighting, clear signage, and regular maintenance, you can ensure the safety and cleanliness of your car park while minimising the risk of accidents and damage.

Taking these measures not only contributes to a more efficient car park, but also creates a safer and more aesthetically pleasing environment for users. This, in turn, can result in increased customer satisfaction and a positive reputation for your car park.

Effective Lighting

Effective lighting in car park decking can provide a range of advantages, including improved safety and security, a reduction in accidents and crime rates, lower liability risk for owners, and a positive environmental impact by decreasing carbon emissions.

Implementing effective lighting can also create a more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

LED, solar, and fluorescent lighting are some of the available options for car park lighting. LED lighting is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective, while solar lighting is the most environmentally friendly. Fluorescent lighting is the most commonly used in car parks.

Consistent maintenance of lighting systems and adherence to legal requirements ensures that car park lighting is both efficient and safe.

Clear Signage

Clear signage in car parks is essential for enhancing customer experience, facilitating navigation, highlighting safe practices and potential hazards, and creating a professional atmosphere.

Directional signs, warning signs, and information signs are commonly used in car parks to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Maintaining signage in car parks is essential to provide customers with the ability to navigate the car park with ease, mark any potential safety hazards, and ensure the car park is kept neat and tidy.

Regular maintenance and updates should be performed to guarantee that signage remains up-to-date and effective.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance for car park decking can help to avert expensive repairs, prolong the life of the structure, enhance safety, and sustain the appearance.

Cleaning, inspecting, and repairing any damage are essential aspects of regular maintenance.

It is advised to carry out regular maintenance at least annually, or more frequently depending on the conditions and usage.

To ensure successful regular maintenance, it is recommended to use the appropriate cleaning products, inspect the decking on a regular basis, and address any damage promptly.

Car Park Decking Warranties and Insurance

Car park decking warranties and insurance provide protection against potential costs and damages that may arise during the construction or utilisation of the car park.

Warranties and insurance may include professional indemnity, product warranties, and insurance for accidents or damages.

Professional indemnity is essential for car park decking as it safeguards against any potential claims of negligence or breach of contract that could be brought up in connection with the installation or use of car park decking.

Product warranties and insurance offer protection against unforeseen expenses or damages that may arise during the construction or utilisation of the car park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the most common questions regarding Car Park Decking:

What is a decked car park?

A decked car park is an elevated multi-level facility that is often constructed on the ground level with vehicular access to each level. This type of car park provides a secure, convenient and efficient space for parking cars and other vehicles.

It is a great solution for areas with limited space, as it can provide more parking spaces in a smaller area. Decked car parks are also more secure than traditional ground-level car parks, as they are usually enclosed.

What is the cheapest car park material?

For the cheapest option, loose gravel is the ideal car park surfacing material. It’s quick to lay and can be adapted to fit any area or environment.

How do you design a car park layout?

Designing a successful car park layout starts with considering the size of your car park, keeping in mind factors such as the amount of cars that need to be stored and allowing ample room for walkways.

Furthermore, use clearly defined pathways and ensure that appropriate lighting is installed so that visitors can move around safely.

Ultimately, a well planned car park will give you the best chance of success.

What is the maximum gradient for parking?

Based on standard industry guidance, the maximum gradient for parking spaces should not exceed 1 in 14 along the longitudinal direction, and should not exceed 1 in 40 along the cross direction.


In conclusion, creating a durable and efficient car park is achievable by choosing the right decking materials, implementing innovative multi-storey car park designs, understanding waterproofing and coating solutions, and enhancing safety and cleanliness.

By taking these factors into consideration, you can ensure the success of your car park project and create a welcoming and secure environment for users.

The knowledge gained from this blog post can be applied to your own car park projects, leading to improved customer satisfaction and a positive reputation for your car park.

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